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Fence Types

There are many different fence types. The types below are the most common.

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chainlink_mfbChain-Link Fence

Chain-Link fence is the most common fence by far. It serves for many purposes, but is mainly for enclosing residential areas such as front and back yards and most commercial applications.


non-climb-mfbNon-Climb Fence

This popular agricultural fence is also known as horse fence. Non-Climb has an opening of 2 inch by 4 inches and is great for any type of livestock if used for farming. Rolls are commonly 100 ft. rolls.


field-fence-mfbField Fence

Field fence is commonly used on large jobs along with jobs that do not require small animals to be kept in or out. The openings are 6 inch by 8 inches and gradually get smaller towards the bottom of the fence. Rolls are usually 330 ft. rolls.


welded-wire-mfbWelded Wire Fence

Welded wire is a very efficient way to fence in your yard. The openings are usually 2 inch by 8 inches and are welded verses tied together. Welded wire is cost effective and commonly comes in 100 ft rolls. On down side about welded wire is it can not be stretched as tight as non-climb or field fence.

Barbed Wire

Sold in 1320 foot rolls barbed wire is a great solution for large acreage areas and is is a great barrier for keeping livestock in and out of areas. It is also used above chain-link fence on barb arms for additional security. When used for farm fencing stays are places between t-post to keep wire aligned.

Lodge Pole Fence

Lodge pole is a round wooded fence that can compliment any house or yard. In most cases it is a treated wood and if treated annually it can last a very long time. In most cases the posts average 5 inches in diameter and rails 3 1/2 inches in diameter. Adding fabric provides a very nice touch as well.

Split Cedar Fence

Another wood fence solution that provides a very appealing look to any yard is split cedar fence. In most cases you will need to treat the posts and rails as it usually is installed untreated. It is common to see brown and black welded wire attached to this type of fence.


Ornamental Iron

A very decorative and durable solution is ornamental iron fencing. There are many different styles to which different fence companies may vary. If interested in ornamental iron please be sure to upload any images you have with your listing so local installers know exactly what you want.


Privacy Fence

In the market for a privacy fence install? There are a few different options you can take. Wood privacy is a common choice using 6 Inch or 3 Inch pickets. Vinyl is also a very nice choice for complete privacy. Chain-link can also be used with pre-woven slats for complete privacy or locking slats can be added afterwards for partial privacy.


Vinyl Rail Fence

Another vinyl choice yet not for privacy is vinyl rail. Vinyl rail is installed most commonly as a 2 or three rail fence. This is a very long lasting rail fence and in some cases wire is used to keep animals in and out while adding a very attractive look to the fence. Galvanized welded wire is most commonly used with this fence.

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